Manage a food truck cranking out spring rolls while balancing the power and heat levels of your truck. Mix and match a variety of equipment types to fry your way to success. How much cash can you earn before your truck explodes from heat?

  • Build - Click and drag equipment onto your truck to earn more cash
  • Power - Right & left click equipment to cycle power level. Overclock those fryers!
  • Heat - Build cooling equipment to counter rising heat, both inside and outside the truck
  • Earn as much cash as you can before your truck melts or freezes!

Originally created for the Jalloo 2020 game jam and expanded during the following months.

Programming: Nicholas Polchies

Art: Jake Waterman & Michelle McIver

Game Design: Chad Comeau

Music: Jake Waterman

Rain sound by cemagar

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorFring Frang
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Food, Management, management-sim, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Tycoon
Average sessionA few minutes


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honestly this game is just shit fix the fucking heat it shouldn't get to the point were i get the best fan i have and have to put it on max power so im making no money and still lose on day 8

the heat is just dumb i had the fans with no power an nothing on that generates heat and it still rose really fast

It's a fun game but the heat just keeps rising way too fast and theres no real way to earn money while also successfully beating the heat.

Like, theres zero chance for progression. The heat just gets you before you can do anything.

it stops being fun when the game just wont let you progress. 

i like the game but i dont really understand it


ok I made a lot of money Can someone make it so that I can maybe upgrade my truck down the line and increase the space? This feels a bit cramped.


Nice high score! And cool suggestions. Truck size upgrades would be neat


just put my 3rd extra large fan when the game decided to jUST ramp of the heat and strait up kill me


Took me a few games to understand that the outside thermometer is... a representation of the heat outside (duh).

I like that the game starts quite slow, so you can process what you're looking at first.

Brilliant little game :) Very neatly designed.


Glad you liked it Denis!