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nice game :)

Glad you like it :D

i rate this game a 10/10 it is really cool

Glad ya liked it!


 Who also saved up $100,000






give it a go


Any plans to update it any time soon?, i could go without the new engine if u just added some more content unless that is required to do so, i like the old school graphics, you could always just add a little bit more pop it on steam and try to raise some support for the reworked version...

Thanks for the feedback! I would love to expand the game, but I've got to focus on my current project. Maybe sometime down the line. Thanks for playing!

Played till the 30k upgrades, love the art style, and soundtrack, wish it was way longer,  i love tycoon games, i think u would easily make this into a full game, get it on steam and id gladly pay a few bucks for an updated version, with a prestige system

Hey thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it. If I'd have the time and resources I'd love to make a full version in a new engine. So many ideas didn't make it in on time for the jam (upgrade paths, like specializing in lobster or scallop fishing; using the fish waste for fish oil or fishmeal)


I have played the game. 

Love the idea but a little slow. Not much to do. I have built everything and am now saving money to 30k.

Would love to see this developed more as has real potential

Hey thanks for the feedback! You're actually at the end of the game: the 30K + upgrades don't do anything currently, except say Thanks for playing.

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I see you are using the farm games trope of grandpa inheritance ;)

Haha yeah, Fishdew Valley! Was scrambling to finish the game so I borrowed an idea or two