Clarevoyance 1.3 Devlog

Today Clarevoyance receives its final big update: English subtitles are here!

This was a planned feature since the start of the project four years ago but was pushed back during production to prioritize other things like the physical edition and content implementation. Translating the 200-page script took some time, but it is now fully implemented and tested. We hope you enjoy discovering Clare, its people, and its pantheon of legends.

This update coincides with the game’s launch on Steam. There are new Steam achievements to collect on Windows! For people who have purchased the physical game box (currently discounted!) or the digital version here on itch, Steam keys are now available until supplies last. Please claim them from the game’s page.

Clarevoyance is now complete! Play this 5-hour adventure exploring my hometown’s folklore, featuring 26 questlines, full (French Acadian) voice acting, dynamic soundtrack, and more. For those who have played, which is your favourite storyline?

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Dec 15, 2020

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